Joel M. Solano, MD

Joel M. Solano, MD is a board certified, fellowship-trained specialist in corneal transplants, cataracts, glaucoma, and laser vision correction.

He trained at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and has received many awards for his dedication to education and research both at Mayo Clinic and Harvard. He actively contributes to the field of ophthalmology through writing journal articles and book chapters. He has special expertise in the care of patients that have a history of refractive surgery and have cataracts with other coexisting diseases such as cataracts plus corneal diseases or cataracts with glaucoma. His expertise includes caring for patients that have had RK, LASIK, or PRK, and are now having difficulty with their vision while possibly needing enhancement.

Dr. Solano will explain your ocular condition in terms you will understand and he is committed to treating his patients as though he were caring for a family member.


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