2016 Changing of the Guard:  The “RSA Presidents Tower”


The “RSA Presidents Tower” awarded to RSA President Lance Kugler, MD, PCEO by incoming RSA President Gregory Parkhurst, MD, PCEO

With a symbolic passing of the RSA Presidents Tower to outgoing RSA President Lance Kugler, MD by incoming RSA President Gregory D Parkhurst, MD, Dr Parkhurst states, “The leadership Dr. Kugler has brought to the Refractive Surgery Alliance has been meaningful on every level and will bring lasting value to our communities and patients who suffer from poor vision. The RSA will continue to bring physician-led education to the public regarding the potential risks, benefits, and alternatives that patients have regarding all options for their vision.” summarizing the tremendous progress the Refractive Surgery Alliance has achieved in their first two years under the leadership of Dr Kugler. Dr Kugler added “The RSA is dedicated to improving lives by removing the barriers of glasses and contact lenses. It has been a privilege to help bring together the world’s best refractive surgeons to collaborate toward that goal. Under the leadership of incoming president Greg Parkhurst, MD, PCEO, the RSA will soar to new heights and allow even more people to maximize their human potential through visual freedom.”
As for the RSA focus over the next of two years, Dr Parkhurst said: “Through the RSA’s soon to be published Refractive Surgery Clinical Guidelines and the RSA’s international fellowship program to educate more well-trained refractive surgeons, we envision being able to reach more of the world’s estimated 750 million people who live their lives without any access to glasses, contacts, or refractive surgery.”
Dr Parkhurst went on to state, “My decision to undergo refractive surgery myself over 13 years ago continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the years I have performed refractive procedures for close friends and family members, including both of my parents, and have seen the impact these procedures can have on people from almost every profession and walk of life. I am excited to participate in the leadership of the RSA as we further the RSA’s mission to bring the benefits of refractive surgery to others.”

~ Gregory D. Parkhurst, MD, President Refractive Surgery Alliance ~