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  • The Refractive Surgery Alliance Society has chosen ArcScan as its preferred vendor for precision high frequency ultrasound imaging and biometry of the eye. ArcScan wants to reintroduce the Insight 100 to you through a special program designed with RSA Members in mind.

    The use of ICL’s are increasing worldwide. Combining the Insight 100 imaging and measurement capabilities behind the iris and applying these to new formulae are resulting in very exacting outcomes.

    Doctors at the highest level recognize the need for a very high frequency ultrasound instrument. The Insight 100 is quite capable of providing ICL sizing not based on WTW, epi mapping to definitively identify keratoconus patients, identifying & evaluating atypical corneas, as well as aiding in glaucoma evaluations.

    Moreover, for atypical cases where topographical devices may indicate the presence of keratoconus, the Insight 100 can provide a definitive answer. Dan Reinstein, MD demonstrated a 7% uptick in LASIK/Refractive cases where other topographically derived suspect patients would have been ruled out - see "Stability of LASIK in topographically Suspect Keratoconus Confirmed Non-keratoconic by Artemis VH Digital Ultrasound Epithelium Thickness Mapping: 1-Yyear Follow-up" – Dan Reinstein; etal. Journal of Refractive Surgery V25 July 2009.

    ArcScan has truly eliminated any perceived obstacles to acquiring the Insight 100. Bring this essential instrument to your high-end practice.

  •   Reserve My ArcScan Insight 100 Today!   RSA Member Promotional Pricing for the ArcScan Insight 100 Through December 2020 includes:  
      * CASH OPTION (Not through OUS Distributor):
      * Insight 100 Installed and Trained: $74,500
      * EyeSeal 10 per box $280/Box Single Patient Use, Sterile
      * Follow On Annual Service after First Year Warranty: $6,500 (US) $8,500 (OUS)
      * On-Site Training Included. See pdf (below) for details.
      * Prices are in USD
      * FINANCE or CASH OPTION (Not through OUS Distributor):
      * Insight 100, Installed and Trained, 2 Years Follow On Service, 600 EyeSeals: $97,800
      * Finance through Partners Capital
      * APR 0% and No Pre-Payment Penalty
      * Payment 1 - 6 @ $99.00
      * Next 60 Payments @ $1,620.10
      * On-Site Training Included. See pdf (below) for details
      * Prices are in USD

      * Click to Visit the ArcScan website.

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