Linnette Arzeno, MD

Linnete Arzeno, MD is an ophthalmologist pursuing a cornea and refractive fellowship in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Arzeno devotes her days at work in a missionary hospital, outside the major city of Santo Domingo, in a municipality called Los Alcarrizos.

Having had LASIK herself for moderately high myopia, Dr. Arzeno is motivated to offer patients the same results she enjoys from her LASIK surgery, offering the best refractive service available in the area.

Dr. Arzeno trained in ophthalmology in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, finishing her last year as Chief Resident. She is interested in teaching and in serving patients with low incomes and high needs of refractive assistance.


Elías Santana Hospital


Los Alcarrizos

Santo Domingo, DN 10120 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Telephone – 829-380-7118

Email –

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