Wayne Crewe-Brown, MB, ChB, MMED(Ophth)

I was attracted to Ophthalmology as a Medical Student at the University of Cape Town in South Africa by an enthusiastic lecturer and once qualified, rapidly found my niche in Refractive Surgery. 23 years later and many thousands of laser refractive procedures under my belt, I am no less enthusiastic or passionate about the field now than I was at the start of this incredible journey. Laser eye surgery has never been safer or more predictable than it is today and it remains a life-changing procedure.

In my practice I endeavour to treat patients as individuals, allowing ample time for examination, diagnostics and most importantly, discussion about their proposed procedure. By listening carefully to each patient’s perceptions and expectations one is able to dispel the many myths about refractive surgery through informed discussion. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the sheer joy on the face of a patient at their Day 1 follow-up visit when they can already see well without their glasses,

My enthusiasm for the field of refractive surgery is backed up by regular attendance at international meetings, participation in courses and most especially in ongoing dialogue with both UK and international colleagues also active in the field. I serve on the Medical Advisory Boards (MABs) of both Presbia Inc. (Presbia Microlens) and AcuFocus (KAMRA), two of the corneal inlay companies promoting the technology of presbyopia correction. I have now performed more corneal inlay procedures than any other surgeon in the world, barring a Japanese surgeon, Minuro Tomita, MD. Getting rid of the need for reading glasses is a significant focus of my practice.

In spite of a busy practice, I like to make time for my precious family as well as recreational activities like travel, eating out (at restaurants providing good honest food at sensible prices), playing golf (the great leveller) and scuba diving (exclusively in warm seas and oceans).


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