Shaun Damico, COO

Shaun Damico, Chief Operating Officer at Heart of Texas Eye Institute in Dripping Springs, Texas. He has served in the eye care industry since the early 2000’s, having proficiency in every single position within a practice setting. He has a passion for leadership and affecting a culture of innovation and empowerment.

Shaun brings tremendous value to Heart of Texas Eye Institute, through is experience in business analytics and his consulting in the areas of business management and the patient experience. He has a deep understanding of training and development, and believes it imperative to teach those that do the work, how to do so, with confidence and proficiency.

Shaun’s motivation are leadership, culture, training, and patient experience. For Shaun, leadership began in the Air Force. He continues to work on these skills, by creating and maintaining accountability within the practice. He fosters the practice culture, by empowering his team to perform, thereby fostering an unmatched brand mentality, employs uniform training practices for proficiency and consistency, all of which combined, creates the patient experience Heart of Texas Eye Institute enjoys providing to their patients.

Shaun has a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration, including numerous certifications. His areas of professional expertise include leadership and accountability, attention to detail, and an overall focus on brand consistency by way of crafting and maintaining a redundant patient experience.

While not at the office, Shaun’s passions include food of all sorts, travel to experience various cultures, and music. Shaun also finds a huge passion for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, of which he has been a volunteer field advocate and public speaker throughout the past 20 years.


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