Inder Paul Singh, MD

Inder Paul Singh, MD a Wisconsin native who joined The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha, founded by my father, Dr. Kanwar A. Singh, in 2004. Originally from the Southeastern Wisconsin area, Dr Inder Singh grew up watching his father take care of countless patients, improving their quality of life while continuing to learn himself. Dr. Kanwar Singh was the first surgeon in Wisconsin to implant an IOL back in 1976. He was also the first to perform RK, and to bring LASIK to the area. The constant drive to keep pushing forward, avoid complacency, and to find ways to give back to the profession, were key influences for Dr Singh.

Dr Inder Singh believes the impact refractive surgery can have on a patient’s quality of life is second to none. He is driven to improve techniques, and technologies, and to perform outreach programs, which both motivate Dr Singh and provide outstanding service to the patients. He loves the fact that refractive surgery forces us to look at all the fine details of the profession – from the technique to the technology – every micron truly matters.
Throughout his career, Dr Singh has been involved with clinical research and the publishing of papers in several ophthalmology journals. He regularly presents his research at various national meetings and universities around the world, demonstrating a passion for advancing education and technology.

The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha offer several new technologies to Racine and Kenosha residents. In fact, they were the first center in the state of Wisconsin for many things, such as implants and MIGS technologies for glaucoma; novel drug delivery products for glaucoma; in-office lasers to remove visually significant floaters; SMILE procedure; and a 3D heads-up in-office surgical suite.

Dr. Singh is president of The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha and co-creator of their new motto “Helping You See the World More Clearly” referencing the physical and emotional clarity patients experience when having refractive surgery and seeing the world more clearly.

Dr. Singh is an ophthalmologist by profession, as well as a founding member of the band, Funkadesi, which mixes Indo-Afro-Caribbean styles of music. The band tours the world spreading the message “One family, many children.” He is an avid tennis player, playing four years in college, and continuing to play in USTA leagues today. He enjoys music and sports with his wife and three children at home. He often remarks, “Kids seem to put life in perspective.”


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