Lois Schulz, MSG, MAPW

Lois Scholz is a hardworking and generous person who has dedicated her life to helping those in need and enhancing patients’ vision. She serves the Grand Rapids, MI community at Keil Lasik Vision Center, assisting the practice with patient communication and education, care management, and community involvement. Recently, she spearheaded the opening and managing of a satellite office in Greenville, MI. The Greenville office provides care to a community with little access to ophthalmologic surgical services. Lois chose this practice because it offers opportunities to practice community outreach, care for the elderly, and provide much-needed surgical access.

As a practice associate, Lois has an active focus on team-, community- and patient connection. She organizes weekly team meetings including every staff member. This practice acknowledges the value and voice of every team member, resulting in a greater bond to the practice and increased dedication to the patients and the practice team. Lois also creates short and long-term goals for the practice to strive towards in the areas of practice organization and efficiency. She is well-versed in a full range of patient and community communication strategies including telephone, direct mail, social media, and online.

From an early age, Lois felt fulfillment helping people through medical complications. She has enjoyed the past few years working with ophthalmology patients because it is a true joy for her to help patients regain their vision and oftentimes their livelihood. She sees the importance of caring for elderly patients because they are frequently without an advocate and are likely to benefit from additional assistance. Lois recognizes that enhancing vision means increasing the quality of life for patients of all ages, and she is motivated to work in such an impactful field.

Lois’ Master’s in Gerontology allowed her to focus on healthy ways to age, basic pharmacology, and how to engage older members of the community. She worked with the St. Louis County Department of Planning to host focus groups of seniors and find ways that the community could better address older adults’ needs. Lois’ Master’s in Professional Writing let her explore web design, managing content, and producing professional documents. Working with the Cincinnati Health Department, Lois helped host meetings of local health organizations while they worked to create healthy spaces for the community. Lois worked as Admissions Coordinator of a nursing facility where she helped patients make health care choices and partnered with community organizations to create enrichment programs.

Along with spending time with her fiancé and their two dogs, she loves reading and participating in book clubs, baking, playing Scrabble, and catching up with far-away family and friends. She has traveled to some pretty amazing places, including Thailand, Germany, Italy, and Scotland. Lois is originally from St. Louis, MO and now lives in Grand Rapids.


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