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My name is Jorawer Singh, MD, I have a brand new practice in Virginia just outside of Washington DC and I love helping patients see better than they ever have before. My practice consists of medical and surgical cornea, and I relish the challenge of repairing complex eyes and exceeding the expectations of patients who have been told they will never again regain good quality vision from a problem eye.

As a surgeon, I worry about the details. Having always had a detail-oriented nature I spend extra time and take extra steps whenever possible to help patients see that 1 or 2 lines better than they are physically capable of seeing. I am driven in part by patient happiness and satisfaction, but also by an inward desire to know that I did the best job I could for each surgical case I come across.

I like that refractive surgery is one of the few areas of medicine (besides ACL surgeons) where patients consistently leave our care doing better than they were before. In almost all other areas physicians help cushion the blow of declining health and that brings a certain somberness and gravity to all their patient encounters. But in refractive surgery, our surgical output is sheer happiness, joy, and a new view on life (no pun intended) and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of that wonderful narrative.

I went to medical school in Buffalo and then completed my post-graduate surgical training at Columbia University, then George Washington University, and finally, I completed a cornea and refractive surgery fellowship at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in Manhattan.

In my spare time, you will usually find me training for a triathlon along the windy bike paths that crisscross the Virginia Countryside. I also dabble in rock climbing, love travel vacations spent mostly on hiking trails, and I am a semi-professional photographer, mostly weddings and landscapes.


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