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The traditional healthcare landscape is shifting… It’s all about transforming the paradigm of mandatory physical presence…. Healthcare is transforming its model of care…it’s ubiquitous now… it’s moving to where ever we are, where we live, and where we work or play! It’s about redefining care itself… moving towards the concepts of pervasive and long-term wellness and health management, throughout our life span. It’s keeping our patients focused on being healthy, engaging them in decisions of how and when to seek care, and creating incentives or encouraging them to manage their processes.


ICONVISTA hosts a team of interdisciplinary professionals who offer solutions to companies related mainly to the healthcare sector, in order to increase their efficiency and productivity in a CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE way.

We rely on the use of emerging technologies in information and communication technologies (ICT) to streamline access to knowledge and services that we can provide to clients and strategic partners.



Video: Telemedicine Instituto Zaldivar SA

Video: Telemedicine RSA CONNECT

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