Baseer Khan, MD

Baseer Khan MD is an ophthalmologist in Toronto, Ontario. He is the founder and senior partner at Clarity Eye Institute. He graduated from the University of Toronto, Ophthalmology Program in 2005 with the honour of being named as the top graduating surgeon. He is also currently an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, holding staff appointments at a number of hospitals in the Toronto area.

Dr. Khan is subspecialty trained in complex cataract and glaucoma surgery, consults nationally and internationally for a number of industry partners and is actively involved in clinical research.

Outside business interests include holding a partner position in a software company that provides procurement management solutions for small to medium sized business. He also holds are board position on a new board game company that has recently gone to market. Dr Khan has served as medical director and board member for a medical marijuana company. Most recently, Dr. Khan has partnered with a lawyer in the medical-regulatory space in Canada to create a government relations firm.

Apart from his business interests, Dr. Khan is an avid tennis player, triathlete and father to 4 sons.


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