RSA Preferred Vendor – accessiBe

RSA Preferred Vendor - accessiBe

  • accessiBe is the market leader in web accessibility solutions and technologies. As a web accessibility hub, accessiBe provides different AI-Powered solutions for testing and remediating web accessibility, as well as various professional services aimed to create an inclusive web and help businesses comply with web accessibility standards and regulations i.e. WCAG and ADA.

    accessiBe’s full suite of web accessibility solutions enable businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations, to take part in global inclusion efforts and to make their websites available to everybody, regardless of ability. accessiBe's founding team has deep domain expertise in the field of web development and accessibility services and has developed the technologies in close partnership with users who have vision impairments or blindness, epilepsy, motor impairments, cognitive dysfunctions, and other disabilities.

    Why is this a tool like accessiBe important to me?

  • • Web accessibility lawsuits have increased in almost every industry, targeting businesses of all sizes.
  • • Compliance is required  by everyone.
  • • Boost brand perception.
  • • Extend market reach.

  • accessiBe enables practice webistes to be WCAG complaint in as little as 48 hours. Please contact us via the contact form below for more information on how accessiBe can help your practice.

    Please complete the form below to learn how accessiBe can fit you WCAG compliance need. Once submitted, a representative from accessiBe will contact you. accessiBe is a Preferred Vendor since 2021.  
  • RSA members can enjoy a Preferred Rate of $392 USD per year, as well as a 7-day satisfaction trial. The pricing structure is based on webpage size - and can vary between practice groups. If your website is 1,000-pages or less (which is practically all RSA Member website sizes) this price, is your price.

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