RSA Preferred Vendor – ePRO Connect

RSA Preferred Vendor - ePRO Connect

  • RSA Preferred Vendor – ePRO Connect™

    Innovate. Integrate. Elevate: ePRO Connect, Your Partner in Patient-Centric Excellence.

    In today's digital age, patients are increasingly seeking convenient and personalized healthcare solutions. For practices, investing resources in standalone features and services, often not tailored to the specific requirements of ophthalmology, leads to inefficiencies and significant costs. In-house integration of these components further escalates expenses and time requirements. Our pioneering AI-driven approach effortlessly consolidates various features into a unified platform, making a significant difference for patients and streamlining both administrative and clinical processes.

    There is a significant opportunity for practices to provide a memorable, digital experience to patients. ePRO presents practices with an efficient means to implement a tailored, enterprise-level mobile solution that impresses patients and streamlines both administrative and clinical processes. ePRO also integrates seamlessly with leading Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

    What impact will ePRO bring to your practice?

    The advantages and key benefits include:

      - Brand differentiation via a custom, practice-branded mobile solution
      - System/vendor consolidation
      - Access to specialty-specific features and services
      - Complete and accessible data sets
      - Declines in unnecessary call volume
      - Reduced barriers to patient-self scheduling
      - Transition away from manual process dependencies
      - Increased review and patient referral engagement
      - Enhanced patient communication and reduction in no-show rates
      - Improvements in medication compliance
      - Increased opportunity to nurture patient education
      - Automated detection of potential surgical complications early in the post-operative course
      - The most memorable patient experience possible


  • At the core of ePRO Connect™ is a commitment to enhancing the patient journey and optimizing administrative and clinical workflows through feature consolidation and AI-driven processes. The entire platform is also expertly branded for each practice, providing a distinctive touch and competitive advantage. Key elements of the ePRO feature set include online scheduling, personalized appointment reminders and recalls, medication tracking, patient reported outcomes, educational content streaming, NPS and review prompts, as well as user-friendly channels for satisfied patients to refer friends and colleagues to the practice.

    RSA Member Interest Form. For further details on how ePRO can enhance the capabilities of your practice, kindly reach out directly through the contact form below.

  • RSA Members benefit from an exclusive Preferred Rate on ePRO Connect, resulting in savings of 15%. Single location practices can experience all-inclusive use of ePRO, EHR/CRM integration, platform setup, staff training, white glove implementation, and unlimited support for an annual fee of USD $15,300 – a saving of USD $2,700. ePRO also offers further pricing incentives for newly established practices and graduates of the RSA Fellowship Program.

    Visit our website @ and see how ePRO Connect can boost your patient engagement.

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