RSA Member Special Pricing – HD Analyzer

“The RSA has saved our Members

literally millions of dollars in group purchases.”


HD Analyzer – RSA 2020 YEAR END PROMOTION PRICE = $8,000 USD


*International Price Equivalent to $8,000 USD Converted to Local Currency


The Refractive Surgery Alliance and Keeler are pleased to announce Special RSA Member Pricing to every Member for the HD Analyzer Beginning TODAY!

This offer is exclusive to RSA Members. Details are provided below. This offer will extend to RSA Members in many countries around the world. It includes the OSI measurements, Meibomian gland imaging, the tear film analysis software, and a standard 2-year warranty for RSA members.

Many RSA members already have the HD Analyzer and have described its use in the past. You can view their comments on the Visiometrics Web page.

As many RSA members have described in the RSA Forum, the HD analyzer provides:

  • Essential information about ocular scatter to help guide treatment decisions.
  • Tear film analysis to guide ocular surface management both pre- and postoperatively.
  • Meibomian gland imaging to demonstrate contact-lens damage to patients.
  • Importantly, the point-spread function display allows the physician to “see what the patient sees”, providing reassurance to both patients and physicians alike.

Each of the functions described above are part of the “essential equipment” for refractive surgeons. We encourage every member to take advantage of this opportunity – whether to buy your first HD Analyzer, or to duplicate existing platforms in your new imaging centers.

The savings on this group buy are significant and are unlikely to be repeated. In order to participate, your biography must be present on the RSA web page to validate Membership. As always, the RSA does not financially participate in this offer, all benefits are passed along to the members. This is another great example of the benefits of collaboration in the Refractive Surgery Alliance.

The HD Analyzer provides key information for vision correction surgery, both preoperatively and postoperatively. Optical scatter to assess vision quality, tear film analysis with the Zaldivar Vision Stability Pattern software, and lid imaging are some key features. As RSA President Roger Zaldivar, MD said at the RSA Vision Forward meeting, “…this is less than half of what they paid for the same device.”

This offer is a GLOBAL OFFER – for ALL RSA Members – regardless of country. Keeler will work with the distributor in your country to provide you with an equivalent price in your country’s currency to the stated US price where possible.

Click Reserve My HD Analyzer here, or below, to secure this special RSA Member offering.

Reservation secures this special pricing on the unit(s) you plan to purchase. Payment is not required to reserve your unit today through the RSA Reservation Form and will be handled by Keeler and/or a designated Keeler country representative when they contact you.

HD Analyzer Brochure

This is Significant Cost Savings for RSA Members so ACT TODAY!

RSA Special Pricing Promotion:  (Download Price Sheet)

  • US Based Members – $ 8,000 USD

  • *International Price Equivalent to $8,000 USD Converted to Local Currency

HD Analyzer Equipment Promotion Includes All of the Following*:

  • HD Analyzer (Product #29-8200)
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • OSI Exam
  • Meibomian Gland Imaging Software
  • Zaldivar Vision Stability Pattern Software
  • 1 Laptop or Tablet Include per Unit
  • Installation
  • Training & Support Done Virtually

*Stipulations Include:

  1. *Tax: Prices quoted are excluding local taxes which would be payable by the end user.
  2. *Currency Fluctuation: Keeler reserves the right to amend prices during the campaign in the event of currency fluctuation.
    In some markets, price is subject to local dealer policy, importation fees, and taxes.
  3. *Total Care Warranty Coverage: Total Care Warranty Coverage is an “Expanded Warranty” available only in the US as separate purchase for $4,095 USD. The HD Analyzer comes with the standard 2-Year Warranty.


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