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  • The Refractive Surgery Alliance Society has chosen ALPHAEON CREDIT as its preferred vendor for patient financing. ALPHAEON CREDIT is offered through Comenity Capital Bank and can help Refractive Surgery Alliance patients who want to finance their surgical procedures. ALPHAEON CREDIT provides strong approval rates, superior credit limits, and a wide array of payment plans designed to fit any patient’s budget.

    Refractive Surgery Alliance members receive a Preferred Rate of 50% or more off of all plans offered by ALPHAEON CREDIT – saving Refractive Surgery Alliance members thousands of dollars annually and while helping your patients arrange payment for their procedures quickly and conveniently. Through ALPHAEON CREDIT, RSA Member patients have the ability to conveniently and less expensively, finance their medical and surgical procedures.

    Please contact me with information about ALPHAEON CREDIT and the Preferred Vendor Program through the Refractive Surgery Alliance Society. Once submitted, a representative from ALPHAEON CREDIT will contact you. ALPHAEON CREDIT is a Preferred Vendor since 2016.  

  • * Click to Download the Refractive Surgery Alliance Society ALPHAEON Credit RSA Rate Sheet Pricing.

    INTRODUCING PRE-QUAL! Because in an unpredictable year, we could all use a little certainty.

    2020 has been a year of when you couldn't be sure of anything. When was your practice going to be allowed to open? When were kids going to be in school? What should you be planning for in the next month, quarter, or year?

    Most faced financial uncertainty, too, and as a result, credit scores dropped for many. In some cases, sudden and unexpected unemployment meant missed or late payments lowering consumers' scores. In other instances, the consumer was not at fault. Creditors proactively closed existing accounts to reduce their exposure and this negatively impacted consumer credit scores.

    When the future is uncertain, patients feel more comfortable using financing and keeping cash on hand for unexpected expenses. As a result, you should expect more patients to be interested in financing now. However, because so many have seen their credit scores drop recently, you may find patients hesitating to apply. Some patients don't believe they'll be approved or receive a high enough credit limit to cover the full cost of their care. Others hesitate because they are concerned that a hard inquiry could damage their credit even further.

    This is where Pre-Qual can help! What is Pre-Qual?

    By providing just their name, address, social security number, and income, your patients can find out if they are likely to qualify for an ALPHAEON Credit Card and receive their estimated credit limit without impacting their credit. This is not a final credit decision, however with Pre-Qual, there is no "hard inquiry" or hit to the patient's credit until they decide to move forward with a full application. This is a fantastic solution for patients who hesitate to apply because they are worried about their eligibility or impacting their credit.

    What else should I know?

    Patients must prequalify on their own on at You cannot prequalify patients on their behalf using the Comenity Business Center. When Pre-Qual launches the current application link will be replaced with the Pre-Qual link.

    If patients apply in your practice on their own, they cannot be connected to your practice's WIFI when they submit their information; otherwise, they will be declined. Pre-Qual will be available towards the end of October. You will receive another email notification when Pre-Qual launches.

    We hope Pre-Qual can make your life and the life of your patients a bit easier.

    As always, Alphaeon Credit is here to help you help more patients! If you have any questions or suggestions, please call us at (920)-306-l794 or at

    * Click to Download the ALPHAEON Credit Pre-Qual Overview.

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