RSA Marketing Guidelines

These RSA Marketing Guidelines are issued by the RSA Executive Committee to support the growth of refractive surgery and the growth of every member’s practice.

RSA requests that all RSA members review their web page and other marketing materials to:

    • (1) Remove discussions that compare or recommend specific technologies from your web page main “home page”, radio ads, and other ads that discusses refractive surgery.

      Limit any descriptions of technology to discuss benefits and appropriate use of that technology without reference to other technologies. Any mention of specific technologies should not position one technology as superior to another, since there is no technology that is best for all patients.

      (2) Re-frame your messaging around patient benefit.

      Market research shows that patients are not interested and/or are alarmed by technology messaging. We believe that marketing patient benefits are what will drive growth in refractive surgery.

      (3) Limit or avoid marketing price and discounts.

      In particular, bait-and-switch advertising for low prices that are seldom the actual price, or saying a price is discounted for a limited time when it is not, are considered de facto violations of the RSA marketing guidelines.

      (4) Avoid negative advertising.

      While it is expected that practices will showcase their accomplishments and differentiation, marketing should avoid statements that disparage other refractive surgery centers.

The Executive Committee hopes that all members will come into compliance with these Guidelines without delay.