Rany Woo, MD

Rany Woo, MD was born in Seoul, South Korea, and moved shortly thereafter to North Carolina with her family. Her parents are Korean immigrants who arrived in the United States to pursue the American Dream. They worked hard and sacrificed a great deal so that Dr. Rany could have the opportunity to achieve her dream, which was to become a surgeon and give back to a country that had given her so many opportunities. Dr. Rany became the first doctor in her family, graduating from prestigious universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (where she received her Bachelor’s degree), Yale School of Medicine (her medical degree), and then the illustrious Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA (where she completed her ophthalmology residency).

While a resident, Dr. Rany had LASIK surgery and it changed her life. She was amazed at how such a quick, painless procedure could restore her vision and improve the quality of her life so dramatically. She no longer had to suffer in dry painful contacts during late nights on call or while straining at the microscope performing surgeries. Her personal experience with vision correction surgery is what ignited her passion for refractive eye surgery and drives her to restore vision for so many of her deserving patients.

In residency, Dr. Rany fell in love with sunny Los Angeles…and also in love with her now husband who is an employment attorney and mediator. They are married and parents to an adorable fur baby, who they travel and explore the world with together.


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