Thariq Bagus, MBBCH, MMED, FCophthal (SA)

Thariq Bagus, MBBCH, MMED, FCophthal (SA) is a creative thinker and humanitarian whose practice is guided by the principles of Batho Pele. He has experience in high volume cataract surgery from his work with the Bureau for the Prevention of Blindness.

He completed his training at the University of the Witwatersrand where he was awarded the Elie Dahan Ophthalmology Registrar of the Year award in 2019. He has also won awards from the South African Glaucoma Society and the Wits School of Clinical Medicine.

He is committed to research and medical education and also dabbles in 3D modelling and animation.


Envision Centre for Sight


14 Hertz Boulevard

Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng 1900 South Africa

Telephone +27 016 931 0217

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