Timothy D. Blake, MD

Timothy D. Blake, MD, is a cataract and LASIK surgeon with Nashua Eye Associates, serving southern New Hampshire since 2004. Dr. Blake completed fellowship training in laser vision correction and cataract surgery at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute prior to joining Nashua Eye.
Dr. Blake approaches the vision goals of every patient on an individual basis. He assesses the visual needs of a patient’s profession, hobbies, and activities to tailor a surgical plan that maximizes results and limits risk. Choosing surgical candidates carefully and having frank discussions about vision expectations is important to him. As part of a comprehensive surgical plan, Dr. Blake performs pre-operative measurements himself. Likewise, he provides his own post-operative care.
A strong proponent of the benefits of laser vision correction, Dr. Blake believes in providing quality surgical care, driven by referrals from other satisfied patients. Seeing patients in a young demographic for laser vision correction is a satisfying compliment to his older patients for cataract surgery. In many cases, Dr. Blake has had the privilege of treating two or three generations in a family.
Dr. Blake is married to a veterinarian, and shares with his wife three daughters and many pets. In his free time he enjoys reading, swimming and mountain biking.


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