Scott A. Cherne, MD

Scott A. Cherne, MD, a graduate of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, has been practicing ophthalmology in Eugene, Oregon since 1989. He began his interest in surgical care observing his father, a general surgeon, at a young age. From him, he learned the dedication necessary to become a surgeon but he also learned the satisfaction such a profession can offer. With his warm smile to easy laugh, he has inspired confidence and compassion in his colleagues and patients since the very beginning.

Eye surgeries involve hyper-focus on the eye through complex microscopic lenses. From an early age, Dr. Cherne was interested in science projects, particularly those involving microscopes which allowed him to access a completely different world. It was a natural progression from those early projects to vision correction and eye care.

“The world under a microscope is quite removed from the customary large-scale life we are used to living. It is much like scuba diving. There is a unique world under the ocean with lots to observe and enjoy. In the same way, there is a unique world under a microscope that brings to view beautiful things not otherwise seen or interacted with.”

As a board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Cherne pioneered the LASIK procedure in Oregon being the first to perform the procedure in central and southern Oregon. He has perfected his cataract and LASIK surgical techniques over a thirty-year career as an ophthalmic surgeon performing over 20,000 Lasik procedures and over 20,000 cataract surgeries. Dr. Cherne also performs a variety of corneal transplant procedures including DSAEK (Descemets Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty), being the second in Oregon do so in 2005. He was able to be the first eye surgeon in the world to perform an Eye Bank Association of America pre-cut DSAEK corneal transplant. Additionally, Dr. Cherne was a pioneer developing a unique DSAEK technique. He has presented his technique at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s annual meetings as well as several other international eye surgery meetings around the world. His unique technique results in virtually 100% of his DSAEK transplants adhering without subsequent manipulations or surgeries — the most common problem of the DSAEK procedure as performed by other surgeons.

Advanced small incision and no-patch Cataract surgery is another passion of Dr. Cherne’s. He works diligently to see that each eye of every patient is individualized and dealt with in a way that optimizes the visual outcome. Specialty replacement lens implants to treat astigmatism, along with lens implants that can give both near and far vision in the same eye, are options that Dr. Cherne can provide.

While staying on top of the latest surgical techniques and taking advantage of the latest technology is a must for Dr. Cherne, a devoted, professional and caring staff makes his work a lot more enjoyable and complete.

“I have had the benefit of being able to work with many very supportive staff who have been by my side for almost 30 years. There is nothing better than a team that works together and learns together for the common good.”


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