Jose Antonio Fuentes, MD

José Antonio Fuentes, MD is an Ophthalmologist, sub-specialist in Cornea, External Diseases and Refractive Surgery in Cusco, Peru. He works as Head of the Ophthalmology Service at the Antonio Lorena Cusco Hospital and at the “SOS” Clinic. He is a professor at the Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Human Medicine at the San Antonio Abad National University of Cusco (UNSAAC). He is dedicated to refractive surgery because I believe that it is a field of ophthalmology that has much to offer the population and that is more accessible to them without the need to migrate to large cities such as the capital and / or abroad.

The commitment to provide the best care to our patients, according to the most modern knowledge and based on medical and scientific evidence; explained in simple terms so that they can better understand the treatment that each patient will receive; always in a personalized and warm way.

The reason for providing refractive surgery is to be able to help many patients who wish to seek a more comfortable lifestyle and be able to fight against visual impairment.

In 2010 he finished the medical residency in ophthalmology at the Instituto OftalmoSalud Lima-Peru. He was appointed Chief Resident in 2010 Instituto OftalmoSalud. Scholar 2008 Guillermo Pico Basic Ophthalmology Course in San Juan Puerto Rico. Certified by the International Councyl Ophthalmology. Master’s degree in Ophthalmology from the Catholic University of Salta Argentina and the Argentine Council of Ophthalmology, Member of the Peruvian Society of Ophthalmology and Member of the Pan American Society of Ophthalmology. Fellow of Cornea, External Diseases and Refractive Surgery 2017 by the National Institute of Ophthalmology Lima Peru. Scientific Advisor to the UNSAAC Human Medicine Student Center and the Antonio Lorena Cusco Hospital.

Provides social support services to the population in need, ad honorem social campaigns, my main driver and reason for day to day is my family formed by my wife and my two children (Jhohannes Marcelo and Cristhel Grace).


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