Hannah Garrigan, MD, MPH

Hannah Garrigan, MD, MPH is a member of the Wills Eye residency program, Class of 2025. Dr. Garrigan knew that she wanted to be a physician since she was a child, but decided on the incredible field of ophthalmology after realizing they were some of the happiest doctors she had ever met. She loves how impactful and life-changing ophthalmic surgeries are for patients and their families.

Patients can expect a warm, compassionate ophthalmologist who will go to great lengths to ensure patients receive the best care possible. As myopia becomes more prevalent worldwide, refractive surgeries will play an important role in public health across the globe. As someone with a passion for public health, this was a major motivating factor for Dr. Garrigan to pursue further education on refractive surgery.

Dr. Garrigan attended undergrad at Boston College, then pursued a dual MD-MPH degree at Thomas Jefferson University. She is now completing her residency at Wills Eye Hospital.


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Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA

Telephone – 215-928-3000

Email – HannahMGarrigan@Gmail.com

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