Sidney Gicheru, MD

Sidney Gicheru MD is the Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of LaserCare Eye Center, which was founded in 2000 and is a leader in Laser Vision Correction and Lens-based Refractive Surgery in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Dr Gicheru performs the Laser Vision Correction procedures of LASIK, SMILE (the first practice to offer it in DFW) and PRK, as well as lens-based Refractive Surgery such as Laser-assisted Cataract surgery, ICL surgery and Refractive Lens Replacement surgery.

Dr Gicheru’ approach to each Refractive surgery is with the benefit for the patient put first. His staff members are selected and cultivated with this in mind. His joy is each patient’s decreased dependence on glasses.

Sidney Gicheru, MD, was an Electrical Engineer prior to Medical School, believes in the leading technologies he offers in the DFW area, researching each new procedure offered with safety and efficacy mind at the unabashedly technology-based practice.

Dr Gicheru had LASIK done on his own eyes in 2001.


LaserCare Eye Center


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