Oege Goslings, MD, PhD

Oege Goslings, MD, PhD is a Dutch native, born in Curacao in 1967 and works as a general ophthalmologist in Tilburg and performs refractive surgery in Boxtel, The Netherlands. He is an experienced ophthalmic surgeon used to high-volume cataract surgery with a special focus on premium IOL implantation and performs a variety of lens and laser refractive procedures. His driving force is delivering cutting-edge ophthalmic technology to its patients but always keeping in mind what the actual benefits are for the patients so that the right decision is made and the appropriate treatment is done.

Dr Goslings trained as an Ophthalmologist at Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands from 1999-2002, after completing a research fellowship at Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School, in Boston from 1995-1997. Since 2009 he practices as a general ophthalmologist in Tilburg in a community hospital, Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ), and works as a refractive surgeon in a private clinic in Boxtel, the Iris Eye Clinics. He is board certified for the AAO, ASCRS, and ESCRS and has been involved in many multicenter trials such as the Premed, Bicat, and currently the Epicat Trial for improving guidelines in cataract surgery. He is on the advisory board for Johnson & Johnson Vision concerning new IOL market introductions and was involved in a randomized control IOL comparison study.

Dr Goslings is married with two sons, and his wife Charlotte, who is a golf teacher. Dr Goslings main hobby is playing golf and he was the 1989 Dutch Amateur Champion and played in the Eisenhower Trophy in 1992.


Iris Eye Clinics


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