Jonathan P. Grady, MD, JD

Jonathan P. Grady, MD, JD is a sixth generation Texas who is proud to be practicing in his hometown just south of Houston, Texas. Having grown up watching his father, a pioneer in both IOL and refractive surgery, Dr. Grady feels a special connection to his patient community as he strives to continue to carry on a tradition of providing exceptional, innovative, patient-centered eye care.

At the Brazosport Eye Institute, we care for patients not just from our local community, but also those traveling across the country and the globe. As each patient’s needs and concerns are different, we strive to make sure that those differences are addressed appropriately and expectations met whenever possible. Just as there is no such thing as a “one size fits all shirt,” neither is there a “one size fits all exam or surgical experience.” Our team provides each patient with individualized care using state of the art equipment. Most procedures are performed in our own ambulatory center – one of the first in the country. We work to ensure that each patient – whether an infant, teenager or senior citizen from across the street or across the world – is provided the best care in the most comfortable setting possible.

Dr. Grady’ motivation for practicing refractive surgery comes as a result of undergoing refractive surgery on his own eyes and experiencing the benefits firsthand of the positive, life-changing impact that surgically delivered good vision can bring. “Not since before fourth grade, have I been able to see without glasses or contact lenses as clearly as I have seen since having refractive surgery over 20 years ago. Every day, I am amazed and feel blessed to have had a caring, capable ophthalmologist (my Dad), who was able to perform the refractive procedure that has transformed my life. I strive to bring this type of life-changing results to my patients on a daily basis.” states Dr. Grady.

“I have always felt that in whatever you do, you should always strive to be the best that you can be and to do the best job you can do. I have held that philosophy throughout both my medical and legal training in Texas, as well as my ophthalmology training in New York where I served as Chief Resident. Prior to returning to Texas to open my own private ophthalmology practice, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, one of the country’s most eminent refractive surgeons. My education has never stopped and I continue to learn from other notable ophthalmologists at every opportunity. My commitment to education and learning the most effective techniques and employing the latest equipment and procedures continue to be a high priority for me. Only by continuing to learn am I able to bring to my patients the best individualized, state of the art refractive ophthalmic care that they deserve and have come to expect from our practice.”

“When I was growing up, my father was always traveling – speaking, educating, and learning himself on both a national and international level. Luckily he thought enough to bring his family along and thus instilled an early love of travel in me. When not caring for patients, I continue to love to travel and I can’t wait to make it to that last continent – Antartica!”


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