Kjell Gunnar Gundersen, MD, PhD

Kjell Gunnar Gundersen, MD, Ph.D. is a practicing ophthalmologist in Haugesund Norway where he acts as the only private cataract and refractive surgeon serving 200,000 inhabitants. Dr. Gundersen is the director and key decision-maker of his clinic where he employees 16 people. His main focus is on serving the people.

Dr. Gundersen strives for 100% transparency presenting his ideas and results at open-access meetings and in journals. His main motivation is to restore optimal visual outcome and refractive correction regardless of the clinical challenge.


IFocus Eye Clinic AS


Sørhauggata 111

Helsehuset, iFocus Øyeklinikk

Haugesund, Rogaland 5527 Norway

Telephone + 47-9164-8707

Email – KGg@IFocus.no