Nathan Henson, MD

Nathan Henson, MD is the director of the ophthalmology service at La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral in Cusco, Peru. He has been building and directing the eye department in this charitable organization for the past eight years with the goal of providing high quality eye care to the most vulnerable and needy populations in the Cusco region, regardless of their capacity to pay.

Every patient who walks into the La Fuente eye clinic is treated with the same respect and honor as a human being, and as they leave, they know that they have been not only been treated with excellent medical care, but also have experienced a genuine love that comes from people who have been genuinely loved.

Patients can expect from our staff a true commitment to excellence and to quality outcomes. We pride ourselves on continued education and technological advancement in order to provide the best for our patients.

Dr. Henson’s motivation for practicing refractive surgery comes from a desire to see all patients with improved vision and an improved quality of life. Seeing the world better is a truly joyful experience, and Dr. Henson wants that experience for everyone who comes to seek his help.

Dr. Henson completed his training in medicine at the Medical College of Georgia before completing a transitional year internship at Baptist Health Systems in Birmingham, Alabama. He then completed his ophthalmology residency training at Baylor Scott and White in Texas. Dr. Henson also received training in special cataract surgery techniques for the developing world while working with the charitable organization Mercy Ships.

He now teaches as an associate professor of ophthalmology at Baylor Scott and White in the residency program. His primary focus of teaching is developing world ophthalmology, which includes teaching on special surgical techniques for developing contexts. Dr. Henson has a passion for teaching and interacting with students and residents. At his clinic in Peru he is a professor of ophthalmology for two medical schools in the region, receiving students and residents for official rotations.

Dr. Henson lives in Peru with his wife Kristen, and his three children Lucas, Noah, and Silas.


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