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Joel Hunter, MD founded Hunter Vision in Orlando, Florida in 2010. The plan to start Hunter Vision in Orlando existed for a few years before the doors opened. The idea was to open a clinic that offered the best results possible with a focus on caring for the patient as a person. The two key factors to achieve this goal were technology and transparency. “I believe they’re like the two sides of a pair of scissors. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best technology available if patients don’t know how much they can trust what you’re saying. And it doesn’t matter if patients feel loved and cared for if they’re worried they could have better results somewhere else.” states Dr. Hunter. “Hunter Vision exists to allow the practice of both to be paramount: an absolute commitment to the best refractive surgery techniques and technology, and uncompromising care and attention for each patient.”

Dr. Hunter knows that patients expect to be able to trust that they’ve heard the best options available for their eyes and that as cliche as the saying “we treat you like family” can be, it exactly this feeling Hunter Vision tries to genuinely convey to each patient, every time. “We want people to be able to trust that their choice for refractive surgery can be based on honest information and personal communication of it. Our non-candidates for surgery become some of our biggest advocates because we want to take the time to explain the reasoning behind the decision.” continues Dr. Hunter. “People expect to know that the refractive surgery expert in front of them won’t let them get surgery that will result in outcomes that don’t match their expectations.”

“My motivation in practicing refractive surgery is the chance to give people a rare gift. There are so few genetic conditions that can be “cured” with a one-time procedure. Yet, every day we get to perform that miracle for people. It’s in our DNA for some to be myopic, hyperopic, or astigmatic. It’s in all of our DNA to become presbyopic. And we get to fix that. But a lot of responsibility comes with that opportunity. A key part of my motivation in our practice is to make sure that people don’t hear misinformation about what is possible. We can save people from jumping into refractive surgery options that aren’t ideal for them. It’s as motivating to save people from bad options as it is to help cure people with great options.”

Dr. Hunter received his Medical Degree degree from the University of South Florida. He was also accepted in Alpha Omega Alpha and was given the award for academic excellence during my time there. Dr. Hunter went on to complete his ophthalmology residency at the University of South Florida after which he went to Overland Park, Kansas to complete a yearlong fellowship with the great Dan Durrie, MD. “I probably learned more from him (Dr. Durrie) in a year than I did in a lifetime before that.” says Dr. Hunter “Since starting Hunter Vision, I work exclusively in keratorefractive surgery and IOL based refractive surgery.”

When not at work, Dr. Hunter enjoys time with his two wonderful kids. “I know everyone says they have the best kids in the world, and I feel like I actually have the two best kids!” states Dr. Hunter.


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