Haroon Ismail, MD

Haroon Ismail, MD, is an ophthalmology resident at Northwestern University in downtown Chicago. He is passionate about helping people attain their best vision to improve their quality of life and plans to practice as a comprehensive refractive surgeon upon completion of his residency.

Dr. Ismail earned his BS from Cornell University, where he was actively involved in the founding of multiple startup companies. After graduation, he moved to Silicon Valley to hone his passion for innovation, creating products including novel medical devices and AI applications. He also co-founded a startup incubator program at Cornell University, where he guest lectured in the graduate business school and guided more than 50+ portfolio companies.

Dr. Ismail later returned home to attend the Howard University College of Medicine, where he discovered his calling to pursue ophthalmology and was actively engaged in community service and research. His research, inspired by his experiences after spending four years in rural Kenya, focused on augmented intelligence and developing software and devices to automate eye exams to make eye care and screening more accessible in low-resource settings. He also regularly volunteered to provide free glaucoma and vision screenings in the local Washington, DC, community.

Dr. Ismail plans to bring his innovative spirit and joy of teaching to his future practice to ensure his patients are well-informed and can leverage the latest technologies to achieve their best visual outcomes. When he’s not seeing patients, Dr. Ismail enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son, reading, competing in hackathons, and mentoring students.


Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


645 N. Michigan Ave. Suite # 440

Chicago, IL 60611 USA

Telephone – 312-908-8152

Email – HaroonIsmailMD@Gmail.com

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