Kevin P. Jackson, DO

Kevin P. Jackson, DO has had a fascination with eyes for as long as he can remember: what they do, how they work, and how incredibly complex they are. It was this fascination that led him to pursue a degree in biology. His first job upon graduation was in medical private practice as an ophthalmic technician and scribe in a small retina practice, where he was fortunate to work in a hands-on environment with physicians who enjoyed teaching as much as he desired to learn. Through this experience, Dr. Jackson witnessed the unique importance of eyesight, particularly to those who risk losing it. This was exemplified by the opportunities he had to hold the patient’s hand as they received their first intravitreal injection. He found it incredible that these patients, despite their initial fear of the procedure, often had dramatic improvements in only a few weeks. This experience provided insight into what ophthalmology had to offer and caused Dr. Jackson to pursue ophthalmology as his preferred field of interest.

Presently, Dr. Jackson is completing an ophthalmology residency, working with patients every day, and often providing life-changing care. Ophthalmology and cataract surgery are not only more rewarding but also more surprising than imagined, always leaving me feeling grateful for the opportunity to provide a transformative impact on people’s lives.

Dr. Jackson feels strongly that no other field of medicine is as life-changing as refractive surgery. A single procedure lasting only a few minutes can provide an unparalleled impact on the patient’s health and autonomy. As an ophthalmology resident, Dr. Jackson is excited to complete his training and continue to enhance his expertise to provide this kind of impact for patients on a daily basis.


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