Zeki Yigit Karaca, MD

Zeki Yigit Karaca, MD is an ophthalmology resident at Medipol University, Istanbul. He was born and raised in a small town in Turkey. His interest in medicine started at a very young age when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. During his treatment process, he spent plenty of time in many hospitals. Healthcare professionals’ passionate and determined efforts changed his life and helped him to go on. Besides, he recognized that there are many individuals in the world that require help. That was when he realized he wanted to be a doctor. After graduating from medical school, his interest in technology and innovation prompted him to become interested in ophthalmology.

Dr.Karaca presently performs cataract surgery on a regular basis. He has only recently begun LASIK procedures. He tries to improve his skills and knowledge every day.

“Change someone’s life, and the world changes.” This statement encapsulates his attitude toward his career. He thinks that to improve a person’s life, you must first change his or her perspective on it. This idea inspired his interest in refractive surgery.

Dr. Karaca is also interested in wavefront and allogenic corneal rings in the treatment of keratoconus. He is curious about the rotational stability of Toric IOLs and doing his thesis project on this subject.

Dr. Karaca is married to Dr. Beste Dogar, and they live a happy life with their cat “Pam”. Music is an indispensable aspect of his existence. Over time, his enthusiasm for rock music gave way to an interest in electronic music. He has combined his guitar skills, which he plays very well, with electronic music composition and is presently focused on electronic music production. He also enjoys tennis and plays with his wife regularly.


Medipol University


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Istanbul 34214 TURKEY

Telephone +90.212.460.70.00

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