Fatma Feyza Nur Keskin Perk II, MD

Fatma Feyza Nur Keskin, MD is a second year ophthalmology resident at Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from Kabataş High School, one of the most successful high schools in Turkey, she started her medical school education. In 2018, she graduated from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, one of the best medical faculties in the country, and worked as a general practitioner for 6 months. She gained experience in management at a very young age by being the chief physician in the affiliated institution with in half of this 6-month period.

Desiring to be a surgeon since her faculty years, Dr. Keskin started to work as an ophthalmology resident in 2019. She is interested in refractive surgery, and actively performs cataract surgery, while closely following all LASIK surgeries performed in the hospital, to gain further insight in this area.

Since her medical school days, her main goal is to help people. Dr. Keskin is very happy to practice her profession, and defines being a surgeon as “touching a life”. She further defines refractive surgery as “to shed light on someone’s life” by choosing the right patient.

Dr Keskin has a keen interest in keratoconus disease, and participates on a team that has studied keratokonus extensively, and developed a product (Keranatural), along with nomograms. She also works as a study coordinator in an international refractive surgery clinical study conducted with Alcon. While working at the hospital, she crossed paths with Dr Aylin Kılıç, who now is her mentor, and is following her path to become a refractive surgeon.

Dr. Keskin is newly married to Mr.Sadri Perk, and they have started a new life with their dog Leo. In her spare time, Dr. Keskin has a passion for cycling. She is a licensed cyclist, says that “as long as you can press the pedal, you will not fall” and believes she can reach any goal she sets by meeting the challenge and putting in the effort. For Dr Kreskin, music, nature and sports are an indispensable part of her life.


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