Laszlo Kiraly, MD

Laslo Kiraly, MD is the medical director and founder of SMILE EYES Leipzig, a full-service, private ophthalmology clinic. With nearly 100 employees, including 20 Ophthalmologist, SMILE EYES Leipzig offers specialized services in refractive surgery, cataract surgery, a retina macula center, and child and pediatric ophthalmology all in separate departments.

Dr. Kiraly specializes in refractive surgery, which he has been practicing since 2007. Dr Kiraly is one of the leading cornea refractive surgeons in Germany and a member of the ICL Expert group in Germany.

Dr. Kiraly’ motivation for refractive surgery started early in his residency at the Martin-Luther-University Halle, where he was the assistant to Prof. Gernot I.W. Duncker, one of the first surgeons in Germany to start use of the excimer surgery for PTK, PRK, and LASIK. Together with Prof. Duncker, in 2007 they began femtosecond laser assisted keratoplasty and published first worldwide the femtosecond laser assisted arcuate corneal incisions (Femto-AK).

“At SMILE EYES, we love what we do and are pleased with our happy patients – that is our motivation each day.”




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