Paul Mann, MD


Paul Mann, MD specializes in refractive surgery. Dr. Mann has been performing blade free LASIK for over 7 years, and has performed over 13,000 procedures. Dr. Mann also specializes in cataract surgery with presbyopia correcting intraocular lens implants. In addition, Dr. Mann particularly enjoys implanting phakic IOL’s to correct extreme nearsightedness in patients who do not qualify for LASIK. Dr. Mann also enjoys treating patients with keratoconus with corneal collagen crosslinking treatments to provide corneal stability. Dr. Paul Mann joined his father in practice in 2004. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, and his M.B.A. from Rice University while attending medical school at University of Texas Health. In medical school, Dr. Mann was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He then completed his internship and residency training at John A. Moran Eye Center of the University of Utah. Sharing his father’s passion for restoring sight, Dr. Paul Mann served as Clinical Fellow of Refractive and Corneal Surgery at the Pepose Vision Institute in Missouri before coming home to Houston.


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