Dustin McKnight, MD

Dustin S McKnight MD is the lead refractive surgeon for both Hunkeler Eye Institute in Overland Park, KS, and McKnight Eye Centers in Liberty, MO. Dr. McKnight practices with his father, Scott J. McKnight, MD, and his brother, Brett J. McKnight, MD. He learned early in medical school that quality-of-life medicine is what inspired him the most. Helping people live their lives to their maximum potential is the central focus of refractive surgery.

Every person values their vision. But each person has their own individual passions, lifestyles, and hobbies, each with their own unique visual needs and priorities. Fortunately, modern technology provides a wide array of refractive surgery options. One of the most important and enjoyable parts of what does involves learning each person’s unique vision priorities, evaluating the health of their visual system, and working with them to find options that can enhance the lives they lead, through better vision. This is the type of in-depth, conversation Dr. McKnight personally has, with each and every patient. While many surgeons will have trusted assistants conduct a pre-operative assessment, Dr. McKnight believes the pre-operative assessment is an essential part of the refractive surgeon’s job, which should not be delegated to someone other than the patient’s surgeon.

Refractive surgery is unique in that outcomes are dependent on the surgeon’s ability to connect with their patient, understand their desires, carefully devise a plan, and skillfully, carefully, with excellence, operate to achieve the desired result. As a surgeon, this process is stimulating, challenging, and incredibly rewarding.

Developing the necessary skill takes years of diligent training and sacrifice. For Dr. McKnight, this started years before medical school observing not only his father but also pioneers in the refractive surgery field like John Hunkeler MD, and Dan Durrie MD.

Dr. McKnight conducted his medical and surgical training at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where he was awarded the John Aure Buesseler MD Award for Excellence in Ophthalmology. Equipped with this training, he also was fortunate enough to continue the pursuit of lifelong learning alongside the mentorship of his father and partner John Hunkeler MD. Now with almost 10 years of experience of his own, he has taken the role of lead LASIK surgeon in the practice as well as being the busiest cataract surgeon in the Kansas City area.

Outside of the family members, Dr. McKnight works with each day, he has the privilege of going home to my wife Elena, and their 4 children Charlotte, Maxwell, Lucy, and Georgia. They keep very busy with sports such as soccer, volleyball, and basketball games, along with birthday parties, church activities, and lots of laughter.


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