Joaquín Fernández Pérez, MD, PhD

Joaquín Fernández Pérez, MD, PhD is both a Medical Doctor (MD) and PhD in Physics Applied to Sciences and Technologies by the University of Alicante. Specialized in Ophthalmology and Anterior Segment Surgery: Refractive Surgery, Presbyopia, Keratoconus, and Cataracts.

Dr Fernández is the CEO and Medical Director in Ophthalmology Department at Qvisión in Vithas Virgen del Mar Hospital (Almería). He is a Patron of the Elena Barraquer Foundation with those performs two surgical expeditions per year to eradicate preventable blindness due to cataracts.

Dr Fernández is published in national and international research journals in addition to his participation in the writing of books related to the specialty. As anterior segment surgeon with a wide experience, I he conducts live surgeries and communications at many national and international ophthalmology congresses.




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Almería, 04120 Spain

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