Andrea Russo, MD, PhD

Andrea Russo, MD, PhD is the Medical Director of the Centro Oculistico Bresciano located in Brescia, Italy, where he performs refractive and cataract surgery. He also holds a position as postdoc fellow of University of Brescia, Italy.

Before founding his own clinic, he spent years observing other practices mainly in the US and UK. He developed and patented the technology to scan the retina exploiting smartphones, and founded D-Eye company now producing and delivering smartphone ophthalmoscopy worldwide.

The mission of Dr. Russo and that of the Centro Oculistico Bresciano is to meet and possibly exceed patients expectations by providing world-class experience in a smart and classy city facility. The added value consists of the customization of all services, taking advantage of the best ophthalmology equipment available from the industry.

He has held the position of consultant to Staar Surgical, contributing to the marketing of ICL. His research has led to over 40 peer-reviewed publications, and international presentations and lectures. He was awarded the Premio Applico (Società Oftalmologica Italiana) in 2014 and received numerous grants in his career.

Dr. Russo is married to Dr. Luisa Delcassi and they have one son. In his spare time, she enjoys skiing, golfing, sailing, and loves to travel with his family.


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