John “David” Stephens, MD

John “David” Stephens, MD practices cataract, glaucoma, cornea, and refractive surgery at Tyson Eye in Fort Myers, Florida. Since joining the practice in 2019 he has enjoyed offering the highest level of care and technology while caring for his patients as family. Dr. Stephens entered medical school with goal of becoming a general surgeon but discovered the powerful impact of vision correction surgery after having refractive surgery himself as a 3rd-year medical student.

Dr. Stephens takes great pride in his ability to provide empathetic care to his patients while communicating in a relatable and thoughtful manner. He always recommends what he would have on himself or do for a family member. He wants patients to know they always have access to him and as he works with them to achieve their vision goals.

Dr. Stephens is the most proud of his two boys, Will (4 years), and Tanner (2 years). Along with his wife Jenny, they like to stay busy with outdoor activities all year round in sunny Florida. Dr. Stephens studied piano along with biology in college and has loved imparting his passion for music to his boys.


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