Devin M. West, MD

Devin M. West, MD, is the Owner and Managing Member of North Texas Ophthalmology Associates, PLLC, in Wichita Falls, Texas, in the United States. From the very beginning, he was amazed by the eye’s beauty and intricacy. As he began to study ophthalmology, his amazement transitioned to a desire to improve the vision of those around him. When asked why he practices ophthalmology, Dr. West describes the joy and amazement on patients’ faces when they see clearly for the first time following cataract surgery.

As a patient, Dr. West takes time first to listen as you describe your frustrations and concerns with your vision and then to recommend a course of action to give you the vision you’ve dreamed of. You can expect him to address all your questions and concerns prior to surgery. You will feel confident in your investment in yourself and your vision.

Refractive surgery is surgery in the pursuit of excellent vision without the use of glasses or contacts. Vision without “accessories” is liberating and allows you to more fully experience life. Dr. West himself has had laser refractive surgery and knows firsthand how frustrating it is to be completely dependent on glasses or contacts to be fully functional. Helping others achieve this freedom is one of his work’s greatest pleasures.

Dr. West graduated from medical school with distinction in research from Saint Louis University in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. He completed a residency at the Hamilton Eye Institute at the University of Tennessee – Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, USA. His greatest interest is in refractive cataract surgery, implanting advanced intraocular lenses that provide patients with great vision without glasses at all distances.

In his free time, he enjoys exercising, doing home improvement projects, and going on adventures with his wife and four kids.


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