Mark Wevill, MBChB, FRCS(Edinburgh), FCS(SA), CertLRS, PgDipCRS

Mark Wevill, MBChB, FRCS dedicated his career to restoring sight after working in a poor region of South Africa in 1991. Blind cataract patients sang and danced the day after their cataract surgery when the bandages were taken off their eyes and they could see again! Now, many years later he’s still restoring sight in a remote, rural hospital in Southern Africa and has had laser eye surgery himself.

He was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 1995 and started doing laser eye surgery in 1996. Since then tens of thousands of his patients have had their lives transformed. Many medical colleagues, friends and even his own family have thanked me for treating them and getting rid of their glasses. So when he became frustrated with needing reading glasses he knew there was a better solution. He hasn’t needed glasses since he had laser eye surgery. He’s now enjoying his freedom from specs and the same happiness as his patients!

He works with an experienced team of highly trained colleagues. They’ve worked together for up to 17 years and constantly update their skills and knowledge. They know how to take care of you and produce excellent results.

Mark Wevill has been awarded the Certification in Laser Refractive Surgery from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and has further postgraduate qualifications in lens and laser vision correction surgery. He’s appeared in BBC and ITV programs and been featured in articles in national and regional newspapers. He’s been invited to give presentations to his surgeon colleagues at over 30 international and national surgeon conferences and written chapters in textbooks about cataract and laser surgery that other surgeons refer to.

He’s supported eye clinics in developing countries in Africa for over 30 years including South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, and Gambia. And he now regularly work with the amazing, capable and committed Good Shepherd Eye Hospital surgeons and nurses in Swaziland, Southern Africa.

There are 8 types of vision correction procedures: LASIK, LASEK, SMILE, Refractive Cataract Surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange, Phakic Intraocular Lenses, Corneal Inlays, and Corneal Crosslinking. He is the only surgeon in Birmingham and the West Midlands who has experience and expertise in all of them and can recommend the best of these vision correction solutions for you personally.


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