Arthur B. Cummings, MD, FRCS

Arthur Cummings MD, FRCS is an ophthalmic surgeon practicing in Dublin, Ireland as a cataract & refractive surgeon. Dr Cummings hails from South Africa and trained there and in Edinburgh before commencing private practice in Pretoria, South Africa where he performed retinal surgery, refractive surgery and cataract surgery.

In 1998 the Cummings family relocated to Ireland to allow Dr Cummings do a fellowship in refractive surgery and as the saying goes, the rest is history. Dr Cummings fell in love with the sub-specialty and decided to make it his lifelong ambition to help people see better without the use of glasses and contact lenses. 40 000 procedures later you would still have to go a long way to find a surgeon that is more committed and more passionate about this field and about getting excellent results for his patients. The joy that results from the benefits of refractive surgery and the positive way in which lives are changed are his reward. His interest in this discipline has led to his close collaboration with industry and he consults for many different industry partners and serves on many advisory boards in the hope of making the procedures even better than they are today – by no means an easy task as refractive surgery has never been safer or more effective than it is today.

Besides his medical and post-graduate degrees from Pretoria University he has an FRCS fellowship from Edinburgh University and the Laser Refractive Certification from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, London. He reviews for all the major peer review journals and is the current European President of AECOS (American European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery). The Wellington Eye Clinic in Dublin is where he spends 90% of his working hours as medical director and owner and the rest of his work time is spent in the Beacon Hospital where he is head of department. He has been awarded the WaveLight Global Ambassador Award in 2006 and has trained more than 200 ophthalmic colleagues through the WaveLight Refractive Fellowship that he co-presents on a bi-annual basis in Dublin. He is the author of the Wellington nomogram, a good starting point for users of the WaveLight series of lasers.

He is married to Sandy for the past 30 years and they have 2 sons, Brendan and Keagan. Sandy is a leading audiologist in Ireland and Brendan is following in dad’s footsteps training as an ophthalmologist in Dublin while Keagan is attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill on a golf scholarship doing sports science and administration. Nothing provides greater joy for Dr Cummings than spending time with his family.


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