Master of Refractive Surgery (MORS)

The Refractive Surgery Alliance Master of Refractive Surgery (MORS) program provides training across the business, theory, clinical and practical dimensions of refractive surgery. The MORS program is specifically designed for practicing ophthalmologists who want to improve their refractive surgery knowledge and skills but who cannot leave their practice to undertake a traditional fellowship program.

Successful completion of the MORS program results in accreditation by the College of Refractive Surgery, which is administered by the Refractive Surgery Alliance.




Refractive surgery is fundamentally different from most ophthalmic specialties in that the focus is on performance rather than on pathology. There are four “dimensions” in the MORS program that encompass the broad range of knowledge and skills that every refractive surgeon needs:


Procedures are often not covered by insurance, which requires refractive surgeons to be versed in business as well as in clinical medicine. Practices are innately entrepreneurial so refractive surgeons must also be skilled as CEOs. Business and Leadership training are offered through the PHYSICIAN CEO® program, which is held at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. This program runs once each year and includes four 5-day modules spaced 8 to 10 weeks apart, starting each February and concluding in September.


    • – Consists of the following course:

    • ……PHYSICIAN CEO (Begins January Each Year)
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Refractive surgery is rapidly evolving. Refractive surgeons must engage in innovation which requires them to have keen insight into both diagnostics and therapeutic technologies. The Foundations dimension is provided in three modules under the direction of Michael Mrochen, Ph.D. The modules are offered online and include pre-and post-assessment tests. The modules are:

MORS-1 Corneal Technologies and Lasers

      • – Consists of one (1) of the following RSA courses:

      • ……PATIENT-CENTRIC SOLUTIONS with LASER VISION CORRECTION (offered once every 2-years)
      • ……Registration for the Next Course – Opens Spring 2023

MORS-2 Lenses, Optics, Materials & Diagnostics

      • – Consists of One (1) of the following RSA courses:

      • ……LENSES, OPTICS, MATERIALS and DIAGNOSTICS (offered once every 2-years)
      • ……Registration for the Next Course – Opens Fall 2023

MORS-3 Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Medical Advisory Boards

    • – Consists of the following RSA course:

    • ……FAST TRACK TO INNOVATION (offered once every 2-years)
    • ……Registration for the Next Course – Opens Fall 2024


Refractive surgery encompasses all corneal and all lens-based procedures, and high patient expectations for excellent visual outcomes require refractive surgeons to practice with extraordinary skill. The Solutions Dimension is delivered in two (2) programs, which may be offered both in-person and online, depending on travel restrictions.

Program 1 is FOREFRONT REFRACTIVE SURGERY, presented by Dan Reinstein, MD, and the London Vision Clinic. This in-depth course covers LASIK, corneal presbyopia treatments, PRK, SMILE, and diagnostics and therapeutics.

Program 2 is REFRACTIVE LENS AND CATARACT SURGERY is the RSA Course on Lens-Based Refractive Surgery covering advanced topics in lens refractive surgery.



    • – Consists of one (1) of the following course:

    • ……Registration for the Next Course – Opens Spring 2023


The Implementation Dimension involves the development and/or demonstrated surgical skills, reporting outcomes of surgical results, demonstrated access to current technologies, and written and oral board examinations to complete the MORS program.





Each participant in the MORS program is expected to complete all Dimensions within 3 years. While it may be possible to complete them in as short as 2 years, the program is designed to accommodate the challenging schedules of practicing surgeons.





Participation in the MORS Program is open to all active members of the Refractive Surgery Alliance Society (RSA). Membership in the RSA is available to practicing ophthalmologists in good standing. Participants assemble their programs individually and receive Certificates of Completion as they complete each Dimension.

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