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The Refractive Surgery Alliance is pleased to announce Special RSA Member Promotional Pricing for the MS-39. There has NEVER been a better time to Purchase the MS-39. Reserve Yours TODAY!

This Offer Includes:

  • MS-39 Instrument
  • Phoenix Software Management System and an HP All-In-One Computer
  • Table is not included (Distributors can supply table at added cost if one is needed)
  • Training: On-line and/or In-Person via CSO Global Network of Distributors, depending on Location and Circumstances of the Installation
  • CSO Available to Assist if Needed
  • 2-Year Warranty – Inclusive of:
  • …..Basic Service
  • …..Covers the Cost of Parts and Labor to Repair or Replace the Device
  • …..Remote Diagnostic Service when needed to Resolve a Problem
  • …..Remote On-Line Training
  • …..Free Software Upgrades when available for Phoenix Software Management System
  • …..Software upgrades are always free as long as the user has kept the software up-to-date

Excluded Items are:

  • Freight, shipping, VAT and/or any other taxes, customs, duties, tariffs, and any insurance costs.
  • Additional Support: RSA Members can negotiate and arrange for “additional support” and/or further options with the local distributor.

The MS-39 is the most advanced device for the analysis of the anterior segment of the eye. MS-39 combines Placido disk corneal topography, with high-resolution OCT-based anterior segment tomography. The clarity of the cross-sectional images, with a 16 mm diameter, along with the many details of the cornea structure and layers revealed by the MS-39, will be appreciated by anterior segment specialists. MS-39 provides information on pachymetry, elevation, curvature, and dioptric power of both corneal surfaces.

In addition to anterior segment clinical diagnostics, MS-39 can be used in corneal surgery for refractive surgery planning. An IOL calculation module is also available, based on Ray-Tracing techniques, Additional tools allow MS-39 to perform accurate pupil diameter measurements and the advanced analysis of tear film.

As many RSA members have described in discussions, the MS-39 provides:


    The sharpness of the high-resolution section images on a diameter of 16 mm, together with the many details of the structure and the cornea layers brought to light by the instrument, are the most extraordinary features and appreciated by the specialists of the anterior segment (corneal and epithelial) . The device provides pachymetry, elevation, curvature and power information for both corneal surfaces.


    MS-39 includes the advanced measurement of the epithelial and stromal layers. The epithelial masking effect is known, so knowledge of its morphology is very useful assess abnormalities of the corneal surface.


    Aberrometry analysis offers a complete overview of the corneal aberrations. It is possible to select the contribution of the anterior, posterior or total cornea for different pupil diameters. The OPD/WFE maps and the visual simulations (PSF, MTF, image convolution) can help the clinician in understanding or explaining the patient’s visual problems.


    In order to more accurately determine the ELED, and consequently to refine the intra-ocular lens calculation, MS-39 provides an acquisition mode to measure the crystalline lens thickness, its distance from the cornea and its equator.


    Keratoconus screening provides the clinician with important information about the patients cornea. Understanding this can help prevent complications associated with ectasia before corneal surgery is undertaken.


MS-39 Informational Videos & Brochure:

  • MS-39 – Technical Features
  •   MS-39 – Technical Data Brochure


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