Mickael Karcenty, MD

Mickael Karcenty MD has been working for 5 years in one of France’s most renowned ophthalmological center, CHNO des 15-20. He spent 6 months of his residency in Damien Gatinel’s department with whom he wrote his thesis on the aberrations of the human eye.

Mickael went on to develop his skills in Refractive Surgery as well as corneal graft surgeries in CHNO des 15-20 where he now practices part-time.

A former member of the RSA Residents Webinar Series (21-22) and a Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology, Dr Karcenty focuses on developing the future talents in eye surgery as he co-created a French company (Eyeclass®) dedicated to the organization of multiple Wetlabs in the French capital.


Hôpital National de la Vision des 15-20


28 Rue de Charenton

75012 Paris France

Telephone +33 140 021 520

Email – MKarcenty@15-20.fr

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