Nathan Abraham, MD

Nathan Abraham, MD is an ophthalmology resident at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC where his practice of ophthalmology improves the patients’ quality of life through the gift of sight. “As a surgeon, it is my privilege and honor to be able to use my education and training to provide the highest quality of care to all of my patients. From managing dry eye to performing refractive surgery to cataract surgery, I aspire to provide compassionate care to all of my patients,” says Dr. Abraham. “My real interest in refractive surgery comes from the sheer joy and gratitude patient’s experience after surgery.”

Refractive surgery has always been a passionate interest of Dr. Abraham and a major reason why he chose ophthalmology as a specialty. Participating in research in both refractive and premium cataract surgery motivates Dr Abraham who stays actively involved with-in eye meetings to learn the cutting-edge techniques in one of the most rapidly evolving and changing subspecialties within ophthalmology.

Commitment to serving the underprivileged is a critical component of becoming an empathic physician and missionary work is one of the fundamental reason Dr. Abraham credits as to why he became an eye surgeon. As a medical student, he volunteered as part of a life-changing ocular surgery mission trip to the island of Fiji where his enriching experience taught him, yet again, the importance of sight in life, even halfway across the world! “As eye physicians, we possess the knowledge and skills to be a healing touch to a broken world,” Dr. Abraham affirms, ” {and] I plan on continuing missionary service throughout my career.”


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