Caroline Dauwe, MD

Caroline Dauwe, MD, is a cataract and refractive surgeon, who is currently practicing in two refractive private clinics in Belgium, Medipolis in Antwerp and Eyecenter in Eeklo

Caroline has a Master’s degree in ophthalmology from the Vrije Universiteit Ghent in Belgium and pursued a cataract and refractive surgery fellowship in Peru post-graduation, which was under the mentorship of Phd. Dr. L. Jr. Izquierdo at his private clinic in Lima.

She strives to be up to date on the latest refractive technologies to improve overall service quality and ultimately patient experience. Aside from learning on the job and from colleagues, she has attended various international courses, including a European Vitreo-Retinal Training in Bremen (Germany), and a Forefront Refractive Surgery course by Prof. Dr. Dan Reinstein in London (UK). Her current skillset includes LASIK, SMILE, LBV and clear lens exchange.

Caroline’s main motivation is patient driven and being able to make a positive difference in their lives. Aside from striving to offer her local patients with high quality services, she is also participating in humanitarian ophthalmology missions, and has been to Myanmar and Madagascar a number of times with “See and Smile” and “H.E.L.P” organizations.

In her spare time, Caroline enjoys social gatherings, is a culinary enthusiast, and loves outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and skiing.




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