Jack Hulla, BA


Jack Hulla is the practice administrator of NY Lasik, a New York City based multi-physician practice with three locations and an open-access Refractive Surgical Center. In the twenty-two years he has been with the practice it has grown from a small “starter practice” to one of the largest in the city. Throughout his vision has remained the same; to help provide patients access to the highest quality vision care possible. To that end the practice offers the largest variety of refractive solutions in the area; Contoura Lasik, SMILE, Refractive IOL exchange, Femto Assisted Cataract Surgery, Collagen Cross-Linking, Premium IOLs and comprehensive dry eye treatment.

Jack is a member of the AAOE and ASOA. He was the Chair of the Editorial Board of AE Magazine for two years and contributed a number of articles for publication.


NY LASIK Laser & Microsugery Institute


160 East 56th Street, Suite #900

New York, NY 10022 USA

Telephone – 917-804-7088

Email – JHulla@NYLASIK.com

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