Kathleen Jee, MD

Kathy Jee, MD completed her ophthalmology residency at the Johns Hopkins University Wilmer Eye Institute. Her research investigating a novel therapeutic target for ischemic retinopathies led to multiple peer-reviewed publications, presentations at national conferences, and a first-place resident research award.

Stemming from her undergraduate bioengineering studies at the University of Maryland, Kathy has a keen interest in developing new ways to enhance patient care and outcomes. During medical school at Johns Hopkins, she found herself innately drawn to ophthalmology and the profound manner in which patients’ quality of life can be improved.

Kathy prides herself in partnering with her patients in pursuit of happiness and, of course, excellent vision. In particular, she is passionate about incorporating the latest technology in her practice to obtain precise visual outcomes for her patients.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys traveling, experimenting with new recipes, and spending time with family and friends.


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