Michael Mathison, MD

Michael Mathison, MD is a Southern California native, raised in Santa Ana, CA. He completed his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. There, his interest in medicine began through his work as an EMT on-campus and in the greater St. Louis community. Dr. Mathison has always had a strong interest in education. The physician’s role as a teacher and healer drew him to a career in medicine. After completing medical school at Washington University, he returned to California as an ophthalmology resident at UCLA.

The incredible impact that ophthalmic surgery can have on patients overnight is unmatched in medicine. In part, this impact led Dr. Mathison to ophthalmology. As a surgeon, he is deeply committed to the well-being of his patients. He takes pride in getting to know each patient individually and providing the best possible outcome for their personal needs. His patience, commitment to life-long learning, and work ethic are the qualities needed to be an excellent surgeon.

Dr. Mathison developed an interest in medical devices during his undergraduate training. The advanced technology at the disposal of refractive surgeons is of particular interest to him. Refractive error is a pervasive, potentially debilitating condition and these patients are looking to have their problems addressed in ways other than glasses or contacts. The creative, problem-solving nature of each case is an engaging practice that he hopes to learn and implement into his own career.

Michael is a friendly, engaging individual with a calm demeanor. In his spare time, he is an avid golfer and enjoys strength training. He loves to enjoy great food, the beach, and hikes with his lovely fiancée Rebecca.


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