Justina Pratt

Justina Pratt is the Director of Patient Relations at Magruder Laser Vision, she collaborates with the Refractive Sales Team and Marketing Department to streamline the patient funnel from their first engagement to post-surgery care. Justina has developed processes and reporting to spearhead efficiencies throughout the sales funnel, thus increasing throughput and decreasing expenditures.

Justina enjoys talking with patients about their vision journey. She, herself, started wearing glasses in the fourth grade, and then contact lenses when she was twelve years old. Justina had her LASIK procedure in 2018 and went from -6.50 in both eyes to 20/20 vision almost instantly. Telling patients about her experience and the life-changing effects it has had helps them feel more connected.

Justina began her career, gaining unparalleled operations management experience within a large retail corporation while also developing a passion for customer service. Her diverse background includes strengths in supply chain, human resources, UI/UX web design, digital marketing solutions, and finance.

Outside of the practice, you can find her spending time with her husband and two active boys, either volunteering as the Pack Committee Advancement Chair for Cub Scouts or cheering from the sidelines of a youth soccer field.


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